Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cameron Corners Cruise

I love riding my bicycle in San Diego's East County. It's like going back in time. Relics of times past when people would take the time to stop and smell the roses
are still evident on Old Highway 80 and SR94.

The Cameron Corners Cruise starts in El Cajon, Ca in the Rancho San Diego
area. The route climbs to Alpine via Dehesa and Tavern Roads. From Alpine it's
an easy climb to the Descanso/Route 79 exit on Interstate 8. Once you've exited
the Interstate, you'll take Old Highway 80 through Guatay to the first stop in
Pine Valley. A county park in Pine Valley is a convenient place to fill up the
water bottles.

Out of Pine Valley, the route continues on Old Highway 80 with a great down
hill to the turn off at Old Buckman Springs Rd. The road gently climbs to
the Lake Morena turn off and descends into Cameron Corners.

At Cameron Corners it's a right turn onto State Route 94 which will take the
rider back to the finish. You'll pass through Campo and climb three hills on
your way to Potrero. Once you've passed Harris Ranch Rd it's down hill to
Potrero and the general store.

SR94 continues to descend out of Potrero past the Tecate turn off and blasts
down hill to where it bottoms out at Barrett Junction. From Barrett Junction it's
a challenging climb to the community of Dulzura. From Dulzura the route
descends to the intersection of Otay Lakes Rd and SR94. From here you climb
three big rollers to Jamul.

Once you've made the final summit in Jamul, it's 7 miles of downhill to
the finish

On this route services are available in Alpine (16), Descanso (25), Gutay (27),
Pine Valley (31), Cameron Corners (47), Campo (52), Protero (57), Barrett
Junction (64), and Jamul (79).


  1. I have been riding in the area for a few times. I love going back in there along with my friends and son because the place have a good story to tell. Looking at your photos makes me wanna jump on my bike and hit the road. Thank you for featuring this in your blog. Fred of torque screwdrivers .

  2. What a lovely 13-photo collection of your 2010 bike ride trip! I was led to this bikeberry blogspot after just having a dream=a very wrinkle faced old man was staring me closely in my face and said he was from DULZURA CA and now lived in Venezuela. He said I-5 freeway went through DULZURA, though this was wrong. I Google searched DULZURA and found your DULZURA CAFE photo & this blog and map of where DULZURA actually is located. Seeing map, I now know I have never been through DULZURA. Thanks for your precious photo views of this part of the east county.

    If I may be permitted to make a correction to WOODY GUTHRIE lyrics line at top of your blog:
    Billy Bragg & Wilco - California Stars (High Quality)
    I'd like to rest my heavy head tonight
    On a bed of California stars